02 Apr

To be productive, we can evaluate ourselves and plan better by categorising our goals; wanting to fill our lives with the tasks we are happy with, and to evaluate whether they fall into our grand scheme of direction in life.

One method for doing this is to divide and recognise all our daily actions, and classify our objectives into the three following categories; writing down everything and thinking why we are doing it.

1. Short-term goal with short-term gain: Preparing a gorgeous tasty meal or having our hair cut is an example of this. The effects of these actions last a short amount of time but they may be very important to us. Having these kinds of short-term goals is fine, and in fact — depending on the reasons why we are doing them — they can contribute to our larger more long-term goals.

2. Short term goal with long-term gain:This may be finishing high school or a college degree or losing weight. Although this may be a relatively short-term goal, it contributes to our larger scheme of things. To motivate ourselves, we can visualise and focus on the longer-term picture of where we want to see ourselves.

3. Long-term goal with long-term gain:This is where many people stumble unless they are achieving and struggling for a greater purpose, and Alhamdulillah as Muslims we are blessed with a comprehensive guidance of seeking paradise (the true success).

Unless we know the reason why we are doing something and are content with that reason fitting into our bigger picture, we stumble, struggle and wander emotionally lost and confused at the first sign of hardship. Clear vision and sincere intentions dispel this pitfall.

‘FAILURE’ is a part of life and it helps us to appreciate success and improve ourselves. Through pain, hardships and shedding tears many of us come closer to Allah. Failure is, therefore, a blessing a disguise and we should be grateful in every situation.

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